At the heart of Yorkshire, Selby has always played a key role in the region’s industrial development. The Selby Canal opened in the 18th century and it became the home of Yorkshire’s very first railway station in 1834. The town has played host to many industries over the centuries including ship building and coal mining. A sculpture in the town’s park depicts a variety of trades, showing a monk, miller, mariner and miner.

The jewel in Selby’s crown is undoubtedly its magnificent Abbey. Founded in 1069, the Abbey is the birthplace of King Henry I. It was founded by a monk from Auxerre in France after he saw three swans landing on the river which he took to be sign from God. The swans have since become a symbol for the town.

The Abbey dominates the charming town centre which offers plenty for visitors, especially amateur cyclists. The town is at an important crossroads on the Trans Pennine Trail cycle route across Britain and acts as a base for access to fantastic cycling terrain.

The villages surrounding Selby offer a glimpse of unspoilt England, steeped in history, they feature ancient battlefields, castles and endless Yorkshire charm.

Selby Abbey ©

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